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Jiblah University for Medical and Health Sciences is located on an area of 52,000 square meters, in Ibb Governorate, in the historical city of Jiblah, which is 6 kilometers southwest of the city of Ibb, the capital of the governorate. The city of Jiblah is distinguished by its moderate weather, charming nature, and the peaceful and friendly nature of its people, in addition to its historical depth. It was the political capital of Yemen during the Sulayhid rule of Yemen, as Mrs. Arwa bint Ahmed Al-Sulayhi, the first queen in Islamic history, took it as her capital during her rule .

The city of Jiblah was also famous as a platform for learning, as a number of religious schools became famous during the rule of the Rasulids and Tahirids in Yemen, such as the Al-Ghumaniyah, Al-Najmiyyah, Al-Nizamiyah, Al-Waziriyah, Al-Zatiyya, and Al-Fathiyya schools. Queen Arwa Mosque is classified among the most important schools in the history of Yemen.

The Political Council Resolution No. (52) was dated: March 18, 2019 AD, and was amended by Resolution No. (161) on September 3, 2019 AD, which stipulates the establishment of a university specialized in medical and health sciences as the second government university specialized in medicine and its sciences, and Supreme Political Council Resolution No. (77) on 9 April 2019 AD, appointing Prof. Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Al-Matari as Rector of the University, in continuation of the great scientific and cultural role played by this ancient city.

The decision of establishing the university comes according to the support and backing of the local authority in the governorate and the district as a natural response to the significant expansion in the population of Ibb Governorate, and to keep pace with the modern trend towards establishing specialized universities.
Furthermore, the decision of establishing the university and allocate it to the field of medicine and its sciences came as an extension of the great pioneering role played by Jiblah Hospital in providing medical services, as it was at the forefront of the hospitals that were established after the glorious September 26 Revolution, as the decision to establish the hospital was issued in the year 1965 AD as the second hospital in the Republic. Since its founding, the hospital has worked in addition to providing medical services as an educational institution to which all students of medical institutes and faculties come to it not only at the governorate level, but also at the republic level, for training in clinical aspects and to benefit from the extensive experience acquired by the hospital staff.

Upon its founding, the university consisted of three faculties: (Medical Laboratories – Nursing – Midwifery). In the year 2020 AD, it was approved to add the Faculty of Human Medicine to the university’s faculties, and in 2021 AD the Faculty of Dentistry was added. Jiblah University is proceeding at a confident and steady pace with programs built on the foundations of accreditation. Academic and quality assurance, program accreditation workshops are organized with broad participation from senior consultants and specialists in various medical specialties, and the latest scientific methods and aids have been adopted in teaching courses in all its programs and faculties.

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  • The establishment of Jiblah University for Medical and Health Sciences will contribute to providing the Ministry of Health and Population in Ibb Governorate in particular, and in the Republic of Yemen in general, with medical and health outcomes that support advancement, progress and continuous improvement.

    Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Matari
    Rector of Jiblah University
  • Blessed steps for all our people in Ibb Governorate, the launch of Jiblah University for Medical and Health Sciences. We expect it to work in order to provide a distinguished health education and training service that meets our country’s need in the health fields… We wish you all the best.

    Engineer/ Ali Al Hababi
    Director of Sheba Tech Company
  • This scientific institution has full convictions that providing knowledge services and social goals take precedence over other sub-goals, including profitability.

    غيلان الجماعي
    Engieer/ Ghilan Al-Goma’ey
    B Different Technical Services Company

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